Science articles
Southern species 'older than northern'
Exploding moss launch system revealed
Saturn's ring gives birth to new moons
NASA unveils 'most detailed' map of Mars
Dinosaurs dug for mammalian prey
Scientists inch towards Higgs boson
Soil crucial to public health: experts
Chance find leads to vision insight
Doubts over South American marsupial study
Shark skin harbours deadly bacteria
Exoplanet bonanza fuels excitement
Climate 'check-up' finds world is warming
Greenland ice drilling hits rock bottom
Maths solves sperm movement mystery
Calcium linked to higher heart attack risk
Theory suggests universe without Big Bang
Seven hours the magic number for sleep
Scientists decipher bacteria motor
Orangutans most energy efficient primate
Western diet changing gut biota
Australian oceans most biologically diverse
Bugs in soil key to decomposition
Plants 'cry wolf' to fool aphids
Cat-like croc fossil discovered in Africa
Southern species 'older than northern'
Species in the Northern Hemisphere are younger than those in the Southern Hemisphere, say Australian researchers.

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Exploding moss launch system revealed
Sphagnum moss uses the power of vortices, or rings of rolling air, to launch their spores to extraordinary heights, according to a new study.

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Saturn's ring gives birth to new moons
Scientists have captured what they believe are the first images of moons forming in the rings of Saturn.

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NASA unveils 'most detailed' map of Mars
A camera aboard NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has helped develop the most accurate global Martian map ever produced.

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Dinosaurs dug for mammalian prey
Fossilised mammal burrows that appear to have been clawed out by a predator suggests dinosaurs dug into mammal dens to get furry morsels.

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Scientists inch towards Higgs boson
Scientists working with particle accelerators in Europe and the United States say they may be closing in on the elusive Higgs boson believed crucial to forming the cosmos after the Big Bang.

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Soil crucial to public health: experts
Soil should be safeguarded as a "saviour" of public health, despite being the source of potentially dangerous bugs, say US experts.

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Chance find leads to vision insight
An impromptu late night experiment has led Australian scientists to a discovery that changes our view of how our vision works.

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Doubts over South American marsupial study
A new study that suggests all living marsupials originated in South America and share a common ancestor has been disputed by an Australian palaeontologist as "simplistic".

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Shark skin harbours deadly bacteria
As if rows of serrated teeth and an uncanny ability to smell blood weren't deadly enough, sharks have a new way to harm unsuspecting swimmers: drug-resistance bacteria.

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Exoplanet bonanza fuels excitement
Are we alone in the Universe? It's a question many of us have asked at some point in our lives, and for centuries the question has remained unanswered.

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Being an only child not a social hurdle
Brothers 'delay' onset of sister's periods
'Hot Jupiter' moons unlikely to exist
Ancient sponges found in Aussie outback
Samoan tsunami caused by 'double-whammy'
'Healthy bacon' patents raise questions
Coalition to refocus science programs
Ancient bacteria has chlorophyll see red
Cancer patients 'lacking painkillers'
Keeping solar panels free from dust
Hopeful step in fight against Ebola virus
Brain 'hardware' key to flexible decisions
New mouse virus linked to chronic fatigue
Fish toxicity picked up by Coenzyme Q test
Pulsars measure up mass of planets
Spinning asteroids split in two
Bee industry abuzz over mite-free breed
Diamonds are a supercomputer's best friend
Solar max claims 'overstated': expert
DNA snip may decode cause of migraine
Genome of the apple laid bare
Review calls for UN climate shake-up
Virus-built batteries to provide power
Communal feasts date back 12,000 years
Tiny creatures reveal ancient sea levels
Females more prone to football knee injury
Dying star in hot water
Ant nav relies on a point of view
Ocean cables missed opportunity: scientist
New optics sharpens telescope's focus
Polar bears face melting chemical cocktail
No need to wait after miscarriage: study
Lunar rocks yield no water
Scientists record fast evolving fish
Good looks kills job chances: study
Potato genes used to fend off cotton pests
Staying busy keeps us happy: study
Snail venom inspires pain reliever
Slime moulds explain irrational humans
Brain scan may help autism diagnosis
Labor's science policy boosts engagement
Butchered bones prove early meat eating
Warning after scientists find new superbug
Nervous monkeys lend clues to anxiety
Fish head south as sea temps rise
Science backs side of a glass for bubbly
Sea level changes feel heat from below
Scientist googles crater find
Lord Howe corals light up cancer fight
Helmet laws go head-on with science
Ancient turtles hunted to extinction
Antarctic sea ice growth could reverse